Hell on Earth 6

Hell on Earth 6
November 26, 2010 @ St. Gregory’s Byzantine Hall in Lakewood, OH
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Dark Match: Da Latin Crime Syndicate (Joey The Snake & K. Fernandez) def. Lights Out (Ben Fruith & Corey Winters)
1. The Duke def. AERO!
2. AIW Women’s Champion Angeldust def. Mena Libra
3. Tim Donst def. Samuray Del Sol
4. Blackballed (Josh Emmanuel & Lamont Williams) def. Irish Airborne (Jake & Dave Crist)
5. Loser Leaves AIW: Eric Ryan def. Bobby Beverly
6. Gregory Iron & Masada def. Hobo Joe & “The Aftermath” Justin Lee
7. Marion Fontaine def. AIW Intense Champion Shiima Xion to win the title
8. The Olsen Twins (Colin Delaney & Jimmy Olsen) def. A Call To Arms (Shane Hollister & Trik Davis)
9. Casket Match: Tommy Mercer def. Sterling James Keenan
10. AIW Absolute Champion Johnny Gargano vs. Facade ends in a double DQ