Girls Night Out 4

Girls Night Out 4
July 29, 2011 @ St. Gregory’s Byzantine Hall in Lakewood, OH
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1. “Guys Night Out” Pre-Show: Eric Ryan def. Facade and Kobald
2. “Guys Night Out” Pre-Show – No DQ: Rickey Shane Page def. Mad Man Pondo
3. “Guys Night Out” Pre-Show: Bobby Beverly def. Gregory Iron
4. “Guys Night Out” Pre-Show: Johnny Gargano def. Chest Flexor
5. Mena Libra def. KC
6. Cherry Bomb def. Veda Scott
7. Allysin Kay def. Mickie Knuckles
8. Sara Del Rey def. Sassy Stephie
9. Portia Perez def. Roxie Cotton
10. First Blood Match: AIW Women’s Champion Jessicka Havok def. Angeldust
11. Mickie Knuckles def. AIW Women’s Champion Jessicka Havok to win the title