65. AIW Girls Night Out 3
Lakewood, Ohio @St. Gregory's

GUYS NIGHT OUT PRESHOW MATCH - 1. The Duke beat John Kermon

GUYS NIGHT OUT PRESHOW MATCH - 2. Gregory Iron beat Kobald, "The Aftermath" Justin Lee, K.Fernadez, AERO! and Corey Winters in a scramble when he pinned Lee.

GUYS NIGHT OUT PRESHOW MATCH - 3. Tim Donst beat Sonjay Dutt, afterward Donst notices Mad Man Pondo in the crowd and calls him out. Pondo responses by nailing Donst with his stop sign and challenges him to Round 1 of AIW's Mystery Tournament May 20th and 21st.

1. In a PGWA Sanctioned Match: Nemesis beat Sin-D

2. Allysin Kay beat Roxie Cotton

3. Super Oprah beat Mickie Knuckles in a falls count anywhere brawl, afterward the crowd gave a standing ovation to both

4. Isis beat Jessika Havoc by DQ when Chest Flexor hit the ref when Havoc couldn't beat Isis

-Arella Angel came out and said her original match was canceled and challenged anybody from the back, Mickie Knuckles came and said she would teach the upstart some respect.

5. Mickie Knuckles beat Arella Angel

6. Madison Eagles beat Mena Libra

7. AIW WOMENS TITLE: Angeldust (C) beat Sara Del Ray, afterward Del Ray, Havoc and Chest Flexor attacked Angeldust and Isis made the save. Isis ended up putting Chest Flexor thru the ringside table.

66. AIW Gauntlet For The Gold 6
Lakewood, Ohio @St. Gregorys

PRESHOW MATCH - 1: Benny Boone beat Knight Wagner & Joey "The Altercation" Luciano

PRESHOW MATCH - 2. Da Latin Crime Syndicate beat Lights Out & Mr. RBI/Kombat Kidd
-Afterwards Da Latins continued the beating which lead to The Duke making the save and calling out Lamont Williams for their match.

PRESHOW MATCH - 3. The Duke beat Lamont "Action" Williams, afterward The Duke brought out a cake for Mr. RBI's birthday.

-Chest Flexor with Jessika Havoc came out and interrupted Pedro during the opening announcements. Flexor announced he was not only going to find somebody in every title division for "Flexor Industries" but also just continue his goal of destroying AIW once and for all.

1. WOMENS TITLE: Jessika Havoc beat Angeldust to win the title
-Despite being bloodied and out numbered, Angeldust put up a fighting effort, but lost due to brass knuckles. Afterward, Havoc and Flexor attacked Dust, which led to "The Chad" Williams coming out. Williams who was introduced to AIW in December when Tommy Mercer used him as bodyguard, helped Dust to her feet. He then unleashed the sickest Mercy Kill in history, causing Dust to be bent in half. Flexor announced that Williams is now his bodyguard, and he will never go thru another table.

-Gregory Iron came out for his match against "MDogg20" Matt Cross, due to a injury Matt wasn't there. Greg asked for his opponent and shockingly Josh Prohibition's music played. Josh came out in street clothes and announced he wasn't the opponent, but had an offer for Greg. Josh offered to mentor Greg, like he had MDogg and Johnny Gargano. Iron, who's been on a roll as of late said he'd prefer to do things on his own. After asking 3 times, Prohibition livid that Iron would turn down his offer, kicked him low and hit a Drunken Driver. Josh promised that eventually, some of his "Friends" in wrestling will get revenge on Greg. With an open match contract available, Chest Flexor who had remained at ringside from Match 1, saw an opportunity. Flexor ran to the back and got Shiima Xion in street clothes to come out to face a injured Greg.

2. Gregory Iron beat Shiima Xion

3. INTENSE TITLE MATCH: Marion Fontaine (C) beat Facade

4. A Call 2 Arms beat AEROFORM & Irish Airborne when Flexor distracted the ref. Thus AC2A join Flexor Industries.

5. Tim Donst beat Colt Cabana W/Southside St. Clair
-Afterward Donst called out Kevin Steen and Mad Man Pondo

6. Absolute Title: Johnny Gargano (C) beat Bobby Beverly

1. Ben Fruith
2. Super Oprah
3. Isaac Montana
4. Southside St. Clair
5. Kombat Kidd
6. Tim Donst
7. Matt Classic
8. Dave The Potato
9. The Duke
10. Luis Diamante
11. Mr. RBI
12. Dave Crist
13. Kano
14. Joey The Snake Diamante
15. Corey Winters
16. Lamont Williams
17. Hobo Joe
18. Marion Fontaine
19. "The Aftermath" Justin Lee
20. Gregory Iron
21. Louis Lyndon
22. K.Fernadez
23. Shawn Blaze
24. Jake Crist
25. Facade
26. Flip Kendrick
27. Shane Hollister
28. Trik Davis
29. Bobby Beverly
30. Shiima Xion

-Chest Flexor and The Chad forced Pedro to announce them as 31 and 32. It came down to all of Flexor Industries (Xion, Beverly, Chad, Flexor, Trik, Hollister) VS. RBI/Donst/Duke/Greg/Facade/Fontaine. They stood across the ring from each other and then erupted into a huge brawl. During a rapid series of eliminations, The Chad eliminated himself to save Flexor from hitting the ringside table. As Gregory Iron was tossing Shiima Xion out of the ring, Tim Donst snuck up behind and eliminated him, winning the 6th Annual AIW Gauntlet For The Gold and going on to face Johnny Gargano for the Absolute Title in the main event of Absolution 6!

67. AIW Battle Bowl 2011
Lakewood, Ohio @St. Gregorys

1. Dalton Castle & Joey The Snake def. "Mr. RBI" Izeah Bonds & Maximo Suave in a Lethal Lottery Match

2. Greg Iron & Bobby Beverly def. Ben Fruith & Hobo Joe in a Lethal Lottery Match
-After the match, Josh Prohibition confronted Iron only to be run off by Greg after a few punches.

-Before the next match, Chest Flexor replaced himself in the Lethal Lottery with "The Chad" Chad Williams.
3. "The Chad" Chad Williams & Shiima Xion def. AERO! & Shawn Blaze in a Lethal Lottery Match

4. The Duke & Colt Cabana def. K. Fernandez & Corey Winters in a Lethal Lottery Match

5. Facade & Christian Faith def. The Kombat Kidd & Luis Diamante in a Lethal Lottery Match

6. AIW Women's Champion Jessicka Havok def. Sara Feeny
--After the match, Havok attacked ring announcer Pedro DeLuca

7. Tim Donst def. El Generico

8. Absolute Champion Johnny Gargano def. Jimmy Jacobs

9. Irish Airborne def. the Super Smash Brothers

10. BATTLE BOWL: Shiima Xion won the battle royal also involving Christian Faith, Facade, The Duke, Colt Cabana, The Chad, Greg Iron, Bobby Beverly, Dalton Castle, & Joey the Snake.
--Faith was eliminated first and unmasked himself on his way to the locker room.
-Xion earns a shot at the Intense Champion at Absolution 6.
68. AIW TPI 2011 - Day One
Lakewood, Ohio @St. Gregorys

1. TPI First Round: Greg Iron def. John Kermon

2. TPI First Round: The Duke def. AERO!

3. TPI First Round: Dave Crist def. Rickey Shane Page

4. TPI First Round: "Mr. RBI" Izeah Bonds def. Sterling James Keenan

5. TPI First Round: Facade def. Sugar Dunkerton

6. Mickie Knuckles def. Mena Libra

7. TPI First Round: Bobby Beverly def. Sonjay Dutt

8. TPI First Round: Flip Kendrick def. Louis Lyndon

9. TPI First Round: Jake Crist def. Jonathan Gresham

10. TPI First Round: Marion Fontaine def. Colt Cabana

11. TPI First Round: Tim Donst def. Mad Man Pondo

12. Special Exhibition Match: Absolute Champion Johnny Gargano def. Akira Tozawa

13. TPI First Round: BJ Whitmer def. Jimmy Jacobs

14. TPI First Round: Shiima Xion def. Paul London
69. AIW TPI 2011 - Day Two
Lakewood, Ohio @St. Gregorys

1. TPI Quarter Finals: Tim Donst beat "Mr. RBI" Izeah Bonds

2. TPI Quarter Finals: Gregory Iron def. Marion Fontaine

3. TPI Quarter Finals: Bobby Beverly def. Facade

4. TPI Quarter Finals: BJ Whitmer def. The Duke

5. TPI Quarter Finals: Shiima Xion def. Flip Kendrick

6. TPI Quarter Finals: Dave Crist def. Jake Crist

7. Johnny Gargano def. Rickey Shane Page

8. TPI Semi Finals: Gregory Iron def. Bobby Beverly

9. TPI Semi Finals: Tim Donst def. BJ Whitmer

10. TPI Semi Finals: Shiima Xion def. Dave Crist

11. AIW Tag Team Champions The Olsen Twins def. Dalton Castle/K.Fernadez

12. "The Chad" Williams def. Hobo Joe

13. Intense Champion Marion Fontaine def. AERO!, Maximo Suave & Louis Lyndon

14. TPI 2011 Finals: Shiima Xion def. Tim Donst and Gregory Iron to win the 2011 TPI
70. AIW Road to Absolution
Lakewood, Ohio @St. Gregorys

1. Corey Winters beat K.Fernandez

--The Chad and Chest Flexor came out and challenged anybody from TNA to accept a match in an obvious jab at Tommy Mercer AKA Crimson, Southside St. Clair dressed as Sting accepted
2. The Chad destroyed Southside Sting St. Clair

3. Rickey Shane Page beat Corey Futuristic

4. Joey "The Snake" Diamante beat Ben Fruith
--Afterward Da Latin Crime Syndicate attacked Fruith, leading to The Duke who had arrived late to make the save.

5. Gregory Iron beat AERO!

  --Again the Chad and Chest Flexor challenged anybody from TNA, including even Knockouts, which led to Super Oprah accepting
6. The Chad beat Super Oprah

--Chest Flexor announced that Allysin Kay had joined Flexor Industries
7. Angel Dust beat Allysin Kay

--Upset over Kay's loss, Flexor demanded a match, Facade accepted and asked for a tables match to prepare for Sabu
8. Facade beat Chest Flexor in a tables match when he springboarded over a fence to splash Flexor thru a table

9. Luis Diamante VS. The Duke turned into a 6man tag with Da Latin Crime Syndicate VS. Duke, Fruith and Winters, Duke beat Joey The Snake with a sitdown driver

10. Absolute Champ Johnny Gargano beat Bobby Beverly
--Afterward Greenman appeared and mocked Beverly. Distraught over his loss, Beverly pushed Greenman and Greenman attacked revealing himself as the returning Eric Ryan!