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Absolute Debut
May 29, 2005 @ Peabody's Down Under in Cleveland, OH

1. JT Lighting def. Chris Cronus
2. The Thrillbilly def. Thomas Von Erich
3. Extreme Violence (Jay Violence & Perry Greene) def. Q+A (Virus & Unknown)
4. "The Deviant" Michael Hutter def. John Thorne
5. Al Stevens def. Brian Backstreet and The Dragon
 6. M-Dogg20 Matt Cross def. Vincent Nothing
 7. The Nick Tatum Gauntlet ended in a no-contest
-Nick Tatum def. Moonshine Muck Mcgee
-Nick Tatum def. Kevin Baker
-Nick Tatum def. Xavier Justice & Dominic Justice
-Nick Tatum vs. Adam Cage ended in a no-contest
8. The Vinos (Frankie & Romeo Vino) def. The Biz (Jay Cash & Agent P. Money)
9. Dios Salvador def. Josh Prohibition 
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