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March for the Gold
November 11, 2006 @ Peabody's Down Under in Cleveland, OH

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1. Lamont Williams def. Jay Phoenix
2. Van Hughes def. Jimmy Kosar
3. Gauntlet for the Gold Qualifier: J-Rocc def. Super Oprah
4. Patrick Hayes def. Kano and Eastside Eddie
5. Tyrone Evans def. Rebis, The Potato, and K-Fec
6. Tyrone Evans def. Chris Cronus
7. The Cut Throat Crew (Morty Rackem & Rufio Rapier) def. Revelation 13 (John Thorne & Christian Faith)
8. Sterling James Keenan def. John McChesney
9. AIW Tag Team Champions The Virgin Slayers (Shiima Xion & Shawn Blaze) def. Alpha Beta Duke (The Duke & Nick Belushi)
10. AIW Intense Champion Starless def. Marion Fontaine
11. Dios Salvador def. Raymond Rowe, Vincent Nothing and "The Deviant" Michael Hutter to become the 30th man in the Gauntlet for the Gold
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