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The Chandler Biggins Memorial Tag Team Tournament
May 26, 2018 @ Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Cleveland, OH

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1. Opening Round: No Consequences (Tre Lamar & Chase Oliver) def. No Consequences (Garrison King & Joshua Bishop)
2. Opening Round: #DukeMoney (Jock Samson & Mance Warner) def. The Philly Marino Experience (Philly Collins & Marino Tenaglia)
3. Opening Round Match: Weird World ("Weird Body" Evan Adams & "Worldwide" Alex Kellar) def. The Party Never Stops (Big Twan Tucker & Parker Pierce)
4. Opening Round: The Production (Danhausen AD & Eddy Only) def. The Carnies (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful)
5. AIW Absolute Champion Nick Gage def. Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham
6. Wes Barkely def. Zach Thomas, Ryder Reid, and TKD
7. Final Round: Weird World ("Weird Body" Evan Adams & "Worldwide" Alex Kellar) def. No Consequences (Tre Lamar & Chase Oliver), #Duke Money (Jock Samson & Mance Warner), and The Production (Danhausen AD & Eddy Only) in an elimination match
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