Set It Off

Set It Off
April 30, 2006 @ Peabody’s Down Under in Cleveland, OH
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1. Johnny Gargano def. Tyrone Evans
2. The Mexiricans (Luis Diamante & Isaac Montana) vs. Billy Taylor & Ron Caribbean ended in a no-contest
3. The Savage def. The Masked Fish
4. AIW Tag Team Champions Q+A (Virus & Unknown) def. The Virgin Slayers (Shiima Xion & Shawn Blaze), The Cut Throat Crew (Morty Rackem & Rufio Rapier), and Alpha Beta Duke (The Duke & Patrick Hayes)
5. M-Dogg20 Matt Cross def. Jimmy Jacobs
6. Dios Salvador def. Super Hentai and AIW Intense Champion Starless to win the title
7. Tables Match: The Sweet Dude Club (“The Deviant” Michael Hutter & Marion Fontaine) def. Revelation 13 (Christian Faith & John Thorne)
8. Low Ki def. Kano
9. Eastside Eddie vs. Johnny Beef ended in a no-contest
10. Romeo Vino def. Raymond Rowe by DQ
11. AIW Absolute Champion Vincent Nothing def. Colt Cabana