Battle Bowl 2007

Battle Bowl 2007
February 16, 2007 @ Shaker Heights Middle School in Shaker Heights, OH
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1. Battle Bowl 2007 Qualifier: J-Rocc & Jesse Burke def. Jimmy Kosar & Sid Smythe
2. Battle Bowl 2007 Qualifier: John Thorne & Patrick Hayes def. CJ Sensation & K-Fed
3. Battle Bowl 2007 Qualifier: Rebis & Tyrone Evans def. Rufio Rapier & Nick Belushi
4. Battle Bowl 2007 Qualifier: Starless & Morty Rackem def. The Duke & Chest Flexor
5. AIW Absolute Champion Raymond Rowe def. Kano
6. Patrick Hayes won the Battle Bowl 2007 battle royal, earning a future title shot
(also entered: J-Rocc, Jesse Burke, John Thorne, Patrick Hayes, Rebis, Tyrone Evans, Starless, Morty Rackem, and Chris Cronus)